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This is a closed forum for proffesional colorists using the Beth Minardi Signature� Shades. Conversations with Top Colorists by Beth Minardi is a private Facebook group for the educational support and encouragement to feel confidence when coloring. As a colorist, you can use this conversational platform to contact Beth with your questions and to interact with other colorists. This is a place to connect and grow, while creating the world more colorful.


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Join the "Queen of Modern Hair Color" Beth Minardi along with team member and master colorist Katt Smith to learn about hair color tips, tricks, and trends. Beth and Katt share insight to elevate salon hair coloring to an art form and to grow your career or business. Join our Conversations with Top Colorists private Facebook group to leave your questions for Beth, as she will be answering each episode.


Perfect the finish

Color-treated hair will never look its best unless it is correctly smoothed and styled. Avoid allowing a client to leave with we hair or with hair that is not correctly smoothed dry.

Think Before You Mix

Observe the client's current regrowth color and the current color of the hair length. Determine the current situation before deciding exactly what formula(s) you will use.

Eye Contact Matters

It is best to consult with your client seated at her level and facing her instead of looking through the mirror.

Learn to Multi-Task

Consider applying strands of dimensional highlights or lowlights throughout the hair lengths immediately after applying a root touch up.